Thursday, July 29, 2010

not much

I'm not really blogging at the moment but I have some time to kill before it's time to go home from work.

Tonight is the big fireworks for the HOF Festival, which isn't until next weekend. What is up with that? It used to be the same week. Are they just trying to build up the hooplah?

I am not going. I am staying home to mow the lawn. A bad tradeoff, you are thinking. However I have the opportunity to go to the beach this weekend, not once but twice. Mow lawn tonight = beach on weekend.

Now just because I live in Ohio doesn't mean the beach isn't worth going to. It is on Lake Erie. If you've never seen the Great Lakes, it is hard to comprehend them. But trust me, it's worth it. A summer without a trip to one of them is incomplete. Part of my soul is left behind! Ok, maybe not. But growing up going to the lake for a week every summer, it does seem to make up a part of who I am.

To the beach!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Hello, is this thing on? I had some trouble getting this screen to come up.

I've been coming here to access my playlist for a few weeks now. I'm doing some data entry at work for the moment and I need to hear something besides "Firefly" - a popular song on the radio at the moment if you don't know, don't ask me who sings it. I hardly ever listen to music at home so my playlist sounds fresh to me.

When I was in college I felt God convicting me about my music choices and pretty much gave everything up - following God with all of your heart is difficult, let me tell you. I have sulked about this, tried to get involved in Christian rock, but with a few exceptions, it is just not the same. So then I tried to compromise, but it always comes back to the same bottom line- give it up. If I don't follow his leadings, I sacrifice a part of our relationship, and that does not feel good. A lot worse than not listening to REM (yes I was an 80s teenager).

My playlist is not completely Christian, and there are some who would say U2 and Van Morrison are not worthy, and I think Paul Simon is a genius. I don't think God's interest in my music choices had to do with secular/non-secular, but how much of my identity was wrapped up in what I listened to. Loving father that he is, he know the only secure place to "find myself" is in him. Sometimes you have to go cold turkey to create the space for that to happen.

Just so you know, I didn't know that at the time, and he did not explain it to me. He just said "do this," and the rest was up to me, to trust that he knew what he was talking about or not.

OK, back to MS Access and some Goo Goo Dolls.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I've really dropped the blog thing. I think it's because of farmville on facebook. I don't think anyone is too heartbroken since I have one follower (hello Ginnymarie) but as you said yourself blogging helps you feel better so let me have a go.

Let me answer the question why farmville is better than blogging (at least to me). In farmville I get to live out my farming fantasies. I didn't even know I had a strong desire to farm, but I would get invites for a variety of these networking games - sorority life, mafia, yoville (I tried yoville but it takes too long to download on my computer) but none of them spoke to me. I saw people with farm stuff on their posts and was curious, so when I go the invite I tried it and was hooked. I have pigs, cows, sheep, ducks, rabbits - I plant and harvest a variety of things - I have an orchard. It would be fun to try in real life but that is not something to take lightly. The yard keeps me busy enough.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The chronicles of the lawn

At the end of June I was hoping by this time to be down to less than once a week with mowing. Hasn't happened - we had some dry weather in July but it's been a pleasantly wet August so have been mowing once a week - should mow tonight but have Bible study, yesterday was wet, Monday was sick. It's getting away from me this week. Hopefully will not rain tomorrow so I can get at it.

Have not had complete victory over the flower beds either. Only one section really looks bad but I don't think any of it is weed free. What should happen is have a clean sweep of it in the spring, and then only have to do it 6 weeks later, and then once more. My mom has not been weeding this summer as she has been in previous years. I don't know if this is a fluke or if this is the energy level we can expect from her in the future. It is definitely an adjustment as your parents get older. Life changes - glad to know God doesn't.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I have the threat of a layoff hanging over my head. Nothing is definite, but I figure in a month I should know something definitely. After the initial shock, I'm now getting used to the idea, and I am actually looking forward to it. I could take more classes, trips, work on the yard - my health insurance would fly out the window, which would not be good. Plus, I know two folks with stable jobs who recently got laid off - where would I get another job? But I think I would welcome the challenge.